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    Wednesday, April 28, 2010

    Chloe's Cake SMASH!!!!

    It's Chloe's Birthday! And what better way to celebrate than to smash a cake that mom spent hours in the kitchen slaving over into smitherines!!?!?! Chloe was such a trooper during her Cake Smash session. No cold or wind could keep her away from that cake!

    A round of applause to Jessie for making such an ADORABLE cake! I tasted it too btw....delish!

    Happy Birthday Chloe!

    The Birthday Girl!
    What's this? CAKE??? And I'm allowed to eat it????

    Comin' off her sugar high ;)



    Love's Touch Photography said...

    awww... I love the last picture!!!

    It looks like she was being so careful not to totally destroy the cake... lol

    Michelle Collis Photography said...

    Awww the photos are precious! Love the tutu!

    Monica Hornof said...

    Super cute! Wish you were closer to do Charlie's cake smash photos!

    Christina Dawn said...

    Great Job! I really like the background!

    Anonymous said...


    Kelly Courts said...


    Carol-Ann said...

    Absolutely PERFECT! That fence in the background, the cake, the adorable munchkin <3 great job!

    Yselyan said...

    love the pics! DH said: don't feed them after midnight!

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