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    Wednesday, April 7, 2010

    New Blog is on the way....

    ........and until then, whatevs, I'll have to suffer with this for now (*wink wink)

    Weather has been absolute crap here. Crap. Raining, it's cold, and it's stayed around 10 degrees (lucky east coasters and your 30 degree weather!!!) so it's made taking pictures outside near impossible.

    Until Aidan's birthday on the 1st! Beautiful sunny and warm day!!!!! We had a lovely little party for him and it was a success! I will fully admit to being really sad that he was turning four...FOUR.....what the heck. It feels like just yesterday and a million years ago that I was bringing him home from the hospital.

    Aidan checking out the balloons I blew up the morning of his bday
    The bouncy castle!
    Present tree
    Woooo goin down the slide!

    No!!! I will not look at my cousin!!!!!!
    Aidans first look at his cake :)
    Blowing out the candles with Maddy

    It's a Wolverine Cake
    OMGOSH this is a classic picture. I'm not sure what Heidi is doing, but it's hilarious....and the birthday boy is crying in the background....although he was really upset because he cut his finger.

    The best group picture I could get

    Heidi and her mama

    Bryar!!! What an award winning smile :)

    Maddy! She is such a sweetheart and can really hold her own with those rowdy boys

    Happy 4th Birthday Aidan! I love you!



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