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    Friday, May 22, 2009

    About Me

    The Cheese

    I am a photographer based out of Vernon BC specializing in Weddings, Engagement, Babies, Family, Maternity, Boudoir and Graduation.
    Since I was very young, I've always wanted to have pictures taken of the important moments and events in my life. Each time I look through my albums or scroll through my digital pictures, every image evokes a memory or a feeling. Happy or sad, hilarious or tender, the images never fail to bring the feelings of the day to light.
    My mission as a photographer would be to preserve and immortalize your special moments for all time. Weddings, babies and families are a passion and capturing those memories for my clients with that "special touch" is a privilege beyond compare

    Just Me Keepin' it Real

    I am also mommy to a stinky but sweet 4 year old boy, and one adorable yet emotional 1 year old girl. They are what keep me looking 5 years older than I actually am. But they are also the reason I fell in love with photography. I’m also slightly jealous that they have better childhood pictures than me. (No offense mom!)

    I got married 2 years ago, and I completely understand the stress and excitement of
    planning a wedding. So much so, that I’m very happy to never have to do it again. However, I LOVE anything wedding related. Especially if you have to make it yourself. I’m surprisingly crafty. Oh, and I cry at every wedding I attend. Even the ones I’ve photographed.

    And to keep the self indulgence going, other things I love are: fancy shoes even though I never wear them, my satellite radio, New York City, sleeping through the night, any movie with Tina Fey, copious amounts of coffee, photoshop, cake, my camera, my husbands’ sunglasses, overpriced jeans, 30 Rock, Lululemon (I’m a sucker), MAC makeup, discount shopping in Seattle, movie popcorn, Tina Fey, Harry Potter books, my 50mm lens, Aveda shampoo, weddings, my two sweet kids, my wonderful husband, and of course, Tina Fey.



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