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    Thursday, February 25, 2010

    With Glowing Hearts

    What an amazing place to be! I packed up my (almost) four year old and we drove 4 hours to Vancouver where we took in the sites! We headed down to Robson Square and did some skating, saw some crazy people stand in line for 7 hours to ride the zip line, saw the torch, some Russian athletes and all in all soaked up the Canadian vibe! A great trip with my little man, that's for sure.

    A big thank you to Ashley for not only being our host, but for also being our tour guide and helping out when I had the bright idea of taking Aidan skating.....

    The Torch!, oh and my little guy :)

    Aidan and the torch!

    As Carol-Ann said, Probably packing up to catch their plane home! BURN!

    Someone got a tad sleepy after the torch

    MMMMM hot dog!

    My little Canadian :)

    Who's idea was it to go skating???? MOM!

    On Granville

    Lanterns on Granville

    Ashley showing her Canadian pride....and Starbucks!

    The Olympic village...I think

    Feelin' mighty proud to be Canadian!!!

    Sunday, February 14, 2010

    Because mom said I was boring...

    Take this mom!!!!

    BTW Thanks for fixing my internet xoxox