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    Thursday, April 22, 2010

    MMMMMM Summer

    We're nearing that time in the year in the Okanagan that we're only given 2 weeks of neutral weather...not too hot, not to cold. Come May it'll get hot and stay hot for 4 months. It's glorious. So to prepare, I've been organizing our house. Out with the winter clothes, in with the summer.

    Layla is in desperate need of shoes, so Grandma bought her 2 pairs for her birthday. Seriously....HOW CUTE ARE THESE???

    Pair #2, I would wear these if they were my size...sadly, they don't make them in elephant size. Boo.

    Ack! I can't wait for her to wear these! In no time at all they're going to be scuffed, dirty, grass stains, food will get spilled on them and who knows what else...

    Another part of my annual "prepare for summer tradition" (is that a thing?) is to buy a new bathing suit...and lookie here! I found myself a super cute suit at Winners. Can't beat it for 29.99. I look like a 1940's goddess in it, you know...not that I really think that highly of myself or anything :P

    MMMMMM Hooker fave. Time to get rid of this dark berry polish, and bust out the prostitutes...I mean, the hooker pink polish....

    Oh and you gotta love this 50mm lens wide open- it's like butta.

    Bring on the sunshine!!!! PLEASE!!!!



    Wendii said...

    Looove the new blog ALOT.
    So fresh!

    Welcome to my Blog! said...

    Oh good! I've been working hard at's coming along slowly!

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