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    Wednesday, April 7, 2010

    My last day of Maternity Leave....

    Today is the last day of my maternity leave. Tomorrow I go back to work at a wonderful place, but I will really miss these carefree days of no work...well we know that motherhood is definitely [i]work[/i], but I really enjoy being home, that it's felt like a whole year of vacation. And what an amazing 12 months it's been. Costa Rica, The birth of Layla, a nice warm summer, the start of my business, a ton of baby "firsts", New York City and finally, the kids' 4th and 1st birthdays.

    I had big plans for my last day of maternity leave but the weather had a different idea. I was able to sneek outside for about an hour between rain showers with the kids and their 'friends'. It wasn't a long time, but it sure was fun :)

    "Come on Yella, give Honey a hug!" (more on the 'friends' later)
    Layla watching her brother get into trouble
    Aidan and his friend on the bike. This was very serious business as I was told.

    Here is a self portrait of us ladies. It is darn hard to wrap your hand around a 50D to get a good picture when you're by yourself...but I did it. Should I be proud of that??? This was the best one of the bunch, and I think we're a good lookin pair eh Layla?

    Two outtakes. But I think they're beautiful.
    Aidan took his friends down the slide and I caught this genuine smile from him. He doesnt' do this very often for the camera.
    I love watching Aidan be goofy.
    I didn't pose this. He just really loves his sister...awww
    They are too cute sometimes
    Layla is in love with these little guys. Anytime she sees them she gives them a hug. Now why is it that two stuffed animals get so much love from her, but I have to BEG for a kiss!!! Not fair I tell ya.
    I tried to get a photo of all three of us. I think you can see Layla got cut out of the picture....But I think it's just precious and a very rare moment so I'm keeping it. He's such a sweet little guy. I hope it lasts. And I hope his sister is just as good when she gets older because he set the bar pretty high. No pressure Layla, no pressure.
    It's Me!
    I tried to get a photo of just Aidan and I but somehow only managed to focus on myself....oops...sorry Aidan. But I thought it was a good'er so I'm including it. It was darn hard not to photoshop the shit out of this photo ;)
    And here we are with the "friends". These are Aidan and Layla's friends. Raindrop is the blue one-he's Aidans. Honey is the pink one-she's Laylas. Aidan named them both and Raindrop joined the family on his birthday. Honey showed up a few days later on Easter. The kids are abosolutley in love with them. Layla hugs them any chance she gets, and Aidan likes to have Raindrop with him everywhere he goes. I have a feeling they'll be around for a while. And I think it's too cute that he asks where his friends are.

    So tomorrow it's back to the grind....



    Kenzie Prudhomme said...

    Great photos of adorable kids! Good luck back at work :)

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