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    Saturday, April 17, 2010

    Who knew weeds could be so beautiful

    One of the best parts about being a mom is that I get flowers often. Paper flowers from school mostly, but every spring a certain yellow flower pops up in the yard and immediately it's picked and displayed in our home. Nope, not Daffodils...I'm talking about Dandelions. Ugh. "Weeds" is what I was told they were growing up, yet I still remember picking them for my mom. They're yellow and they made her happy when I gave them to her (and I do recall a smile on my dads face when I gave them to him too) so in my mind, they were a flower.

    Today I got a knock at the door and opened it to find this...Aidan holding 3 dandelions and saying "I picked these for you mommy". I immediately grabbed my camera and snapped these two pics of him holding his tiny boquet of weeds. Makes my heart soar a bit.

    "Are you going to put them in water mommy?" Why yes I am Aidan.

    "Why don't you come watch me pick dandelions mommy?" Ok Aidan, I will.

    "Look! I found another one mommy!"

    And so I had a small bouquet of flowers. "Beautiful" I thought. So much so that I had to take a picture. The only vase small enough to hold them was a votive candle that we used at our wedding in 2008. Nonetheless, it's beautiful.

    "Mommy, you love dandelions?" Yes I do Aidan. "I know, you love them everytime!"

    And now I have a few more. So many that they don't all fit in the candle holder. Aidan told me he likes it when I smile so that's why he wanted to pick me some flowers. *tear*

    What's this? Aidan has a.....BUCKET of dandelions?????

    "You love them right mommy??" uhhhhhh.....yes?

    Well, what can I say? He wanted to make me happy, and he did. He picked me some beautiful yellow flowers and managed to weed my yard at the same time ;)

    But wait....he wasn't done...

    So here I am with 2 buckets of dandelions, yellow stained hands and one smelly little boy. But we both have smiles on our faces. I'm going to cherish these little kid moments. Thanks bud for my beautiful flowers



    Kim said...

    All I can say is adorable!! :)

    Melissa Johnstone said...

    Awesome post Camillia! Made me smile :)

    Misty Reeve said...

    my heart just melted ♥

    Anonymous said...

    First a photographer and now a story writer too?? Man your talented my dear niece....sooo sweet!! Gisele

    Alycia Hildebrand said...

    What a sweetheart!!!
    **Heart melting**

    Wendii said...

    Haha!! This is too cute <3

    Nicole said...

    Soooo adorable!

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