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    Friday, September 10, 2010

    My Birthday

    This year I turned 27. I was not happy about it. Almost a month later I'm still in denial. However, I did have a fantastic birthday. My cousin lent me her smokin' dress to wear to work, a co-worker bought me flowers (Thanks Shannon!) another took me out for lunch (Thanks Amy!), and my lovely family spoiled me rotten :) I'm a pretty lucky girl.

    We started off with some cake before the festivities began:

    Aidan picked out my cake. What a sweetheart.
    What better way to enjoy cake then on the floor with your sibling. Hey kids can you look up so I can take a picture? Kids?
    Hey! Up here!

    Aww look at my handsome boy. Getting so big everyday it makes me a little teary.
    After cake things got a little messy......



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