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    Friday, September 17, 2010

    Kyle Perison's Trash the Dress Workshop

    Last month, I attended Kyle Perison's Trash the Dress workshop at the Wedding Cafe in Kelowna. I learned a ton from Kyle...particularly how he edits his photos. Something I'm really fascinated by. I'm a crappy editor. Like, really bad. So good job Kyle :) It was also really nice to meet so many great photographers in the Okanagan! And I met my purse twin. Lola in Red and Lola in Black had a very nice playdate (Shoutout to Lyne Inhoff ;))
    I don't have enough good things to say about the workshop. I think Kyle did a great job keeping 13 ladies (and one dude) on task, had lots of interesting things to say, and the food at theWedding Cafe was great!

    FYI, for you single guys out there, you want to meet women? Become a photographer and then have a workshop. You'll have your pick of the ladies. No joke.

    Here is the lovely Carolyn Carson of Carolyn Caron Photography modelling for us. We also became best friends. Do you see her shoes??? Pure heaven.

    Kyle showin' us the magic.

    Does this work? Still not sure. But there is something about it I like. I really wish for these ones I could have been a foot taller.
    How great is she? And fearless too btw. I mean, she climbed into a tree wearing those shoes and that dress at one point.
    I love her legs in this photo

    This one is hard to explain. Essentially Kyle wanted her to FLY off the end of the slide. So he demonstrated. I'm pretty sure that's Carolyn sayin "are you crazy????" But hey, she's fearless. So she did what he said. And she did it beautifully.

    Awww she's so pretty :) She's going to be one darn beautiful bride this weekend!
    Nuff said.
    And my favourite one. Seriously great I tells ya! Thanks to Kyle for letting me play with his flash

    Many thanks to the wonderful and talented Kyle Perison for all his hard work that he put into his Trash the Dress workshop!



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