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    Thursday, December 17, 2009

    Nafeesa and Paul!

    Funny enough, Travis and Amy were my testers BEFORE my actual testers. I asked Nafeesa and Paul if they'd like to be my guinea pigs because I wanted to take photos using available light downtown. After I asked them, I panicked and had Travis and Amy test for me a few days before :P I tend to do that sometimes...ask my husband. I panic a lot...

    Anyways, We got some great shots in Kelowna, it rained a little, and at one point my ass hit the pavement :P All in a days work I suppose. It just proves that I'll do ANYTHING for the perfect shot! LOL

    I love this one!

    Nafeesa's GAP Ad! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of her!

    One of my favorites :)

    Oh, another one :P

    Reliving the moment I fell on my ass....


    Tina Stride said...

    Yup you rocked this one too...I want to try now...Great job Camilla...

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