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    Wednesday, December 2, 2009

    Back to a Picture a Day

    So I'm TRYING to get back to posting a picture a day instead of just teasers... wish me luck :P

    Pic O' the day:

    Ok, so it's 4 pictures. When I was pregnant with Aidan I fell in love with this little bear outfit from The Gap. We were pretty darn broke though and I couldn't justify the 55.00 +tax price tag. Plus I wanted the blue AND the pink one because I didn't know the sex of the baby. During the Christmas season I kept checking in on the suit to see if it went on sale. I was able to score the outfit on Boxing day 2005for 22.00 each!

    Low and behold, I had a beautiful baby boy!

    Here is Aidan in his oh so adorable blue bear suit (These were taken with my 4.0 mega pixel camera :P...clearly my skills have improved) Aidan was about 6 months in this picture.

    I stashed the pink one away in a keepsake drawer "Just in Case". Part of my excitement about having a girl was that she would get to wear the pink bear outfit!

    These were taken with my Canon 50D, 50mm f1.8. Layla is 6 months in these pictures

    Yep, I'd say I've definitely improved! And I sure do make cute kids. It's all me. Lee has nothing to do with it ;)


    B-RAD said...

    I think Lee has about 42.7% to do with it. The bubble of drool on her chin is 100% Lee. She just makes it look way cuter.

    Monkey Paper Crafts, Independent Stampin' Up! (tm) Demonstrator said...

    Oh my goodness! TOO cute! And yeah, you've gotten a wee bit better ;)

    Monkey Paper Crafts, Independent Stampin' Up! (tm) Demonstrator said...

    I forgot to add, can't believe how much alike they look!!!

    Jenn M said...

    They're both adorable!! And I think it's great that you bought both, ended up having one girl and one boy and that you have pictures of each of them in the outfits. Love it!

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