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    Sunday, August 15, 2010

    Kids on the Farm

    Yesterday we said so long to our aunt, uncle and cousins before the left for New Zealand. Out of pure jealousy, I'm not posting pictures of them until I receive my plane ticket ;)

    I did however, get a ton of the pictures of the kids. Wow did they remind me of what it was like visiting the farm as a kid. Dirt, Grandmas veggies and finding empty beer cans everywhere ;)

    It was incredibly hot so we turned on the sprinkler for the kiddies. Layla doesn't look all that thrilled in this picture, but I assure you she had a great time in the sprinkler. She's such a waterbaby! I love how model-esque she looks in this photo:

    Aidan was lucky enough to have his much older cousin dig up some of Grandma's carrots. Thank GAWD she didn't catch them...there would have been some yelling I'm sure! Aidan wouldn't stop chewing long enough for me to take a picture. So here he is enjoying his fresh-from-the-garden carrot.

    Layla snatched Aunty G's waterbottle and backwashed the shit out of that thing. Sorry G.
    Noah found his way into the garden and got SOOOO dirty. It was too adorable not to capture...

    Then Layla followed. How cute is this? I'm sure we have simliar photos of us cousins growing up like this. Playin in the dirt. Ahh, so much fun.
    Sorry Steph, Micah wouldn't stay still long enough for me to take ANY pictures of him!


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