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    Friday, June 18, 2010

    Matthew & Kristen's Wedding

    Matthew & Kristen- May 22nd 2010

    The Details

    Waiting for his beautiful bride

    Yay! Matthew and Kristen are married!!!!!! Please tell me what the guy in the front row on the right is doing???? ;)

    The wedding party!
    I told them to kinda run......
    This is where things got messy! Great captures by Sarah Larsen!

    Kristen and her girls!
    And her guys!
    I adore the colours in these shots. Oh and Matt & Kristen are too cute.
    A favorite of mine. Hard to keep this one under wraps! I wanted to post it as a teaser so bad! I think what I love about it, is that they didn't know I was taking their picture.

    Another fave of mine!
    But this one is my ultimate favourite!!!!

    Oh my god this one cracks me up!!!!

    "I wanna grow old with you"

    Congratulations Matthew and Kristen! I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!


    Michelle said...

    AWESOME captures C!!! Love the vibrant. Your photography just keeps getting better and better! My fave is the pic on the tracks (probably because you blogged that they didn't know!).

    Jodie Lemke Photography said...

    I love them!! :D Great work!! I got two questions for ya!

    How did you customize your blogspot blog! lol

    And wouldn't you mind sharing where you go to get templates like your storyboard at teh top! I love that and have been looking everywhere! i have found a few places but none with what i am looking for!

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