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    Tuesday, June 1, 2010

    Kara and Clayton's First date

    Ok, so this wasn't their first date, but I got the chance to re-create their first date on their one year anniversary. First stop Scandia and then a walk in Kelowna City Park. Scandia always floods me with memories from birthday parties I attended there as a kid. It helps that Scandia hasn't changed at all.

    We started with a round of mini golf. I loved hearing the stories of how awkward and nervous they were on their first date. Seriously cute. I think Kara found a good one in Clayton :) Congrats to the two of you on your one year anniversary!

    Ahhh Scandia....

    Clayton and Kara :)
    For the record Kara won ;)

    One of my favorite pics. My ABSOLUTE fave is coming up ;)

    I almost forgot how beautiful Kelowna is

    So happy together

    My favorite picture!!! And if I remember correctly the first smooch was near this part of the park!

    Thank you Kara and Clayton for the great afternoon! I'll have to take you on in a round of mini golf soon!



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