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    Sunday, May 16, 2010

    The Ice Cream Store

    After a failed attempt at yet ANOTHER cake smash session with Layla we all decided that ice cream was in order (seriously, what is wrong with her? She DOESN'T like cake? I don't think she's mine). Aidan LOVES 'the ice cream store' so we packed up the family on a lovely sunday afternoon and headed downtown.

    Aidan scoping out his choices
    Bubblegum it is.....

    In typical Aidan fashion, he loaded it with candy

    She doesn't like cake, but she certainly loves ice cream!

    I love this picture because of the way she's looking at her daddy <3

    Feeding Layla on the floor like a dog, Sorry missy.

    I like their thinkin'

    Daddy and Aidan searching for lost gummy bears

    Check out this cute baby bum!

    My attempt at getting the kids together for a picture...this is the best I could get

    Thanks kids for a fun trip to the ice cream store!



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