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    Saturday, January 30, 2010

    Welcome to the world Lolani!

    This little princess was a DREAM during her shoot! Hardly any tears, she slept, and only peed a tiny bit on daddys records ;) Pretty good for a 15 day old baby! And might I add how jealous I am of her skin... PERFECT baby skin. No acne, no dry patches...oh the jealousy!

    Awww aren't they precious when they sleep?

    Daddy's a DJ!

    The first time I was actually able to get a baby in a basket....and stay asleep!

    Family pile up....Cheesy? Sure. Adorable? Absolutley!!! All I see are blue eyes!

    Thank you Ashley and Pat! I hope to see you soon, if not for more pictures, than definitely a play date :)

    Click here to see Ashley's maternity photos


    Christina Dawn said...

    Wow, Great shots!

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