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    Tuesday, January 26, 2010

    The Olympic Torch Lighting

    So despite being throughly disappointed with the torch lighting, I'm still going to post pics anyway. Kids did great when we were there. No tears, heck Layla slept most of the time! Aidan was upset that he couldn't see the stage, but I assured him he wasn't missing much. Just one big ole Coca Cola ad anyways! (Thumbs up guys! Oh and another round of applause for having a whopping 3 porta potties to accomodate 4000 people! YAY!!!!!!)

    I don't know why but Aidan kept throwin up the devil horns....

    Layla showin her Canadian Pride.

    A little somethin somethin for the WB ladies ;)


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    April Fire said...

    Those are some awesome pictures!

    A local photo store down here is having a contest - what you've taken is sure to fit in! Read more at

    ~Amy S

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