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    Sunday, October 17, 2010

    Davidson Orchards, October 17th/10 I am at 11:30pm drinking my 2nd Starbucks of the day (does this mean I have some sort of problem?) and I am exhausted. It's been a long, but great day. We started off with a little drive-thru breakfast and then braved the crowds to get a pumpkin at Davidson Orchards. Aidan was thrilled when he realized where we were. We've learned with him if we're going anywhere fun not to tell him until we've arrived. Because he drives us (mostly me) bonkers with the sheer volume of questions. ***Side note: when Aidan was 3 months old a woman on the radio said the average 4 year old asks over 400 questions in a day. I looked at Lee and said "that CANNOT be true, can it???" the answer, is YES. And they ask questions from the minute they get up till the second they fall asleep. "Mommy can you get up now? Mommy, what are we doing today? Mommy can I have some juice....Mommy? When are you going to bed? Mommy, do I have to wear pyjamas to bed? Mommy? Can I have some juice?"
    Anyways, Davidsons was great as always. Layla missed out on her nap while we were there, so sh** hit the fan fairly fast and I forgot my sunglasses of by the end of the trip I thought I was going to have permanent crows feet. I did get some wonderful pictures of the kids though. Davidsons is one the most perfect place for pictures too. Lots of colors and lots of scenery.

    After Davidsons I had a quick minute to eat, checked my gear and made my way out to Cherryville for a shoot (teasers to come soon!). But before I left I was asked by (surprise!) the 4 year old if we were going to carve the pumpkins tonight...crap...ugh...ya I guess we are bud.

    One of my favourite photos of the day. Ok, it's at least top 2.
    Awww I'm pretty sure he loves her. Either that or he's trying to kill her. Hard to tell...he just mauls her all day.
    Thats the smile I was waiting for all day....
    My little sunshine :)
    How tall are you this year Aidan? "I dunno, I tan't see it!"

    Pure boy.

    I think this was Layla's favourite part of the day. She wouldn't quit squealing.
    Layla showing off her baby pumpkin
    Aidan found a good one. And then he dropped it. And we ran away....

    And at 8pm we started carving the pumpkins (Wait, shouldn't you kids be in bed????)

    Layla loved digging into that pumpkin. Whowouldathought???
    Hmmmm, let me give this pumpkin a taste...
    I ADORE this picture.
    Aidan getting in on the action
    Layla decided on a two handed approach

    Hubs took this photo of me. Look, I'm workin' so hard. And I'm being incredibly safe.
    Not a technically good photo, but I like it nonetheless.
    Now it's time for bed.... I may be exhausted, but I know soon enough I'll wish I could go back to the days when Aidan asked too many questions and life revolved around Layla's naptime.

    **I'd also like to thank Kate Nash for getting me through all my editing. I'm pretty sure she wrote "The Nicest Thing" just for me. Thx Kate.


    Tina Stride said...

    OMG - LOVE THEM!!! The ones of Layla are super cute...I think I want to hit up a pumpkin patch.

    Jaye Siegmueller said...


    Andrea said...

    Holy Moses, your kids are cute! That pic of Layla with the pumpkin where you can see the other pumpkins reflected in her eyes?!? Gorgeous!! And you've got some pumpkin carving skills mama!!

    MichCherie said...

    Me loves! These kids are ridiculously adorable. All the diggin into the pumpkin shots are my fave :)

    Brandygrassie said...

    The last picture doesn't have the clarity of the others, but it looks cool and has such an artistic feel to it. Wonderful job Camillia.

    Gillian109 said...

    Well done Camillia, your children are beautiful, just like their mommy. love Gillian ;)

    Anonymous said...

    LOVIN' THE PICS!!!!!! I do however have to wonder if you could have found a bigger knife in the kitchen to carve ur pumpkin with?! And who holds a knife that big like a pencil??!! Sometimes I cant believe we're related. LMAO!

    Anonymous said...

    these picts are too cute~i like aidans boy face on the tractor!!lol.. when did you guys brave this adventure? i went sunday with the kiddies,and thankfully things mellowed down when chris the clown came on at 230... granted heidi needed a nap and so did I!!!
    your pumpkins turned out great!!!

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