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    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    It's a TIE DYE Sensation!!!!

    My kid's birthday are coming up....4 and 1 so this year I swore I would "Make The Cakes Myself!" and after reading a blog with very pretty instructions on how to make a rainbow cake, I thought "heck ya I can do that"...turns out...I sorta can. Here are our cake makin' escapades on a lovely sunny afternoon in March

    Aidan in his mis-matched jamma's ready to help mommy in the kitchen
    Ohhh, artistic.
    I poured 2 cups of batter in each bowl and added color. Fancy!
    Hey! No sneakin' batter DAD!

    Then we poured a cup of color into each pan, reversing the colors in the 2nd pan

    Look's so pretty!

    Note how full the back pan is........

    Lee's reaction when he saw................
    THIS......oops. I think it was a LITTLE too full :P
    This is about the time Lee exclaimed "It's a TIE DYE SENSATION!!!!"

    Holy sh*t! The cake is done!
    The ruined one...still looks good though right???
    Hey, at least Aidan still thought it was good!
    What the good one looks like when you cut into it :)

    Stay tuned for Layla's Rainbow Cake Smash!!!!!


    Love's Touch Photography said...

    haha... looks like fun!!! And so pretty! I totally need to try that!

    Wendii said...

    This looked like so much fun!! I can't wait for Layla's cake smash! Woo!

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