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    Wednesday, July 15, 2009

    Andrew Allen

    I got to shoot a real live rock star today :) This is my good friend Andrew Allen. We went around Vernon taking some pictures for a possible CD cover and promo shots. It was a perfect day! A little overcast and quite windy which was perfect because NO ONE was at the beach. We pretty much had it all to ourselves...a rarity in Vernon in July.

    I'm really rooting for him to be famous because then I can say a. That Andrew Allen sang at my wedding, and b. that I got to shoot his CD cover ;)

    Wishing Andrew the best and you can check out his website at:

    Andrews music is also featured on my website:

    Maybe I shouldn't have posted so many pictures but I just couldn't help myself ;)


    Alycia Hildebrand said...

    Great job with his shots!! They're AMAZING!!

    April Fire said...

    Love all of them Camillia! Really really like the sunglasses one, and the one where he's walking with the wood wall behind him. All would make great covers

    Love's Touch Photography said...

    love them ... Awesome Job Camillia!!!

    ~jenn~ said...

    You did a fantastic job! Love the sunglasses, the train and the second-to-last one. It helps that he's easy to look at! *wink wink*

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